Green Casa

Serenity in a Piece of Heaven

The “Green Casa” Tourist Villa is located at a walking distance from the historical Galle town. The world-famous historical marine walkway of the bay of Galle which runs through the historical Dutch fort connects Green Casa with the Galle town.

Relive History & Heritage

The Portuguese (1505 to 1658), Dutch (1640 to 1796) and British (1815 to 1948) colonization periods mark an important era in the Sri Lankan history. Dutch controlled coastal areas in colonial Sri Lanka were heavily influenced by Dutch architecture whereon they built a vast amount of residences and social buildings. As a result, the Galle suburb and nearby rural areas were deeply influenced by the said architectural characters. Dutch introduced the spice trade; especially Cinnamon Plantations around coastal areas and it can still be identified as one of the main cultivations along the coastal belt.


You may smell the aroma of genuine Sri Lankan Cinnamon within “Green Casa” throughout your stay. The Proprietor of “Green Casa” is a Cinnamon Planter himself in the Down South. The Cinnamon used in “Green Casa” directly comes fresh from his own estates. Hence you can taste genuine Cinnamon native to the Down South of Sri Lanka. At the “Green Casa”, you may taste Cinnamon as a drink or in authentic Sri Lankan cuisine. You may watch how Cinnamon is processed through a field visit to the proprietor’s Cinnamon Processing Factory, which will be arranged on your request.


You are warmly welcome to “Green Casa” with a Welcome Drink – a glass of fresh fruit juice! You may enjoy breakfast which includes authentic Sri Lankan cuisine. You may also purchase lunch, dinner and liquour at reasonable rates.


With a blend of modern design and added touches of comfort, our Cinnamon Rooms will keep you in luxury throughout your stay.

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deluxe room

Our Deluxe Rooms lets you enjoy a relaxing stay as you experience luxurious amenities of Green Casa.

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smoking free
Free Wifi
Ample Parking Space
Swimming Pool
Luxury Rooms
Finest TASTE

Dining & Drinks

sippin' at the pool

Imagine yourself sippin’ a beer while refreshing yourself, washing away your life’s weariness in the swimming pool for no additional cost!!!

All about that curry

Sri Lanka is a haven for a flavourful cuisine and the Sri Lankan spice palate is undoubtedly unique, with clever twists, distinctive combinations, and cooking techniques that enhances local cuisine to its delicious effect. You may enjoy authentic food full of aromatic spice and bursting with flavour here at the Green Casa.

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